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7 Huge Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design

Websites are essential in helping your business establish its online presence. However, not all websites are designed to give you the advantages you need — you have to have a responsive web design in order to maximize your personalized corner in the vast digital space. Below are the seven biggest reasons why you must strive to achieve a responsive and easily accessible business website.

  • It leaves a good impression on your visitors. Your website is a reflection of your brand. If you have a responsive web design (meaning, it is optimized for efficient browsing no matter what type or size of the device your visitor is using), you will entice users to browse through your content and know more about your offerings.
  • It improves web page loading speed. Part of having a responsive web design is a fast web page loading speed. Imagine being directed to a link that loads too slow — it’s quite a hassle, right? Improved loading speed is also a way of addressing internet users’ rather short attention span. It’s also indicative of your intent to provide the best user experience possible.
  • It helps boost your SEO ranking. Websites with responsive designs only have a single URL across different devices. Furthermore, they avoid creating duplicate contents (compared with non-responsive ones where desktop versions are separate from their mobile counterparts). These make these portals more SEO-friendly, helping them attain higher ranks on search engine sites like Google.
  • It increases your mobile traffic. Companies that specialize in web design in Sydney are well aware of how important it is to make your website optimized for mobile usage — many internet users are browsing from their smartphones and tablets. Making your website responsive will translate to more traffic coming from mobile devices.
  • It fuels sales growth. One of the end-goals of web design companies is to help their clients increase sales and conversion rates. As they make websites easier to access and navigate (of course, without ignoring aesthetic appeal), businesses can benefit by transforming mere visitors into customers and revenue generators.
  • It is more cost-effective to maintain. When you have a non-responsive website, you have to run different versions for desktop and mobile. Not only is this approach time-consuming and inefficient, but it is also costly. You can save on money and resources by tapping a web design agency to make your website more responsive.
  • It makes monitoring and analysis easier.  It won’t only be easier for you to maintain a website that’s responsive, it will also be more convenient to consolidate analytics and monitor how well your website and contents are faring. Ultimately, this will help you create more effective website-related campaigns in the future.
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