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About me

Who I am

me4Hi.  My name is Wendy Niven.  I’m an ex public servant with over 15 years experience in communications, including print, web and exhibit planning, and over 20 years experience working with people.

I’m taking the plunge from being a pensioned, unionized slave to becoming a freelancing manager of my own destiny – striking out on my own with a brand new communications company.


I love building well thought out, effective websites

What I mean by this is websites that:

  • are well-organized and easy to navigate,
  • are easy for people to find using search engines,
  • get people knocking on your door (or doing whatever else it is you want them to do),
  • are modern, interactive and attractive,
  • and give you the freedom to take them over if you want to (I figure if I want to be the manager of my own destiny, I should at least give you the option to manage yours).

Take a look at my website work


I love to write and edit

My specialty is creative non-fiction, and my passion is to write copy that is simple, focused, engaging and effective. I know how to create the right message and get it to the right audience.I can take a complex text and boil it down so that it can be enjoyed by everyone – kind of like taking a pan-full of  beef stock, onion and wine, and reducing it down to a delicious sauce.

Take a look at some of the writing and editing I have done.


I love working with people

I’m a team player who works best when collaborating, but, if needed, I can be very effective leader.  It’s very important to me to do things right,  and I make sure that my client, customer or team member walks away satisfied and happy.


I love to find solutions

I love the challenge of finding solutions, especially when it involves out-of-the-box thinking.  I like to be creative and, sometimes, a bit wild.


What I can do



• CSS • PHP • SEO • Javascript • Photoshop • Dreamweaver • Flash • MySQL-PHP MyAdmin • Wordpress • Weebly • Accessibility • Useability



Planning • Strategies • Writing • Editing


Project Management

Budget management experience • Experience working with suppliers, gathering quotes and getting the best price • Excellent communications skills • Excellent people skills – can set goals,  communicate expectations, and build great teams • Experience recruiting, training, coaching and evaluating staff  •  Outstanding client skills • Experience in conflict resolution • Experience in project documentation, setting objectives, key messages, milestones • Proven ability to deliver quality web and print communications products on time and on budget.
Take a look at my resumé.

If you think I can help you, CONTACT ME