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Candid vs. Posed Wedding Photography

Weddings have become increasingly great in the past years or so. The work of wedding photographers is being considered as one of the more important details for a successful wedding event. Nothing beats fantastic pictures and wedding films to look back to the day after or even months and years after the wedding. Quality photography is crucial to the future generation – who’s not even around to witness the wedding – will be able to get a good grasp of the feeling and excitement on the day.

As the wedding industry continuously evolved, new techniques came about. Wedding photographers are no longer boxed within the traditional shots that they are expected to take. They can easily and freely shoot using any style or technique, according to their creativity – as long the client agrees to it. The agreement is very crucial to a smooth sailing relationship between the man behind the lens and the couple about to get married.

If you are the client, would you be willing to go crazy, get over the traditional means, and just go where the wedding photographers’ guts and creativity would take you?

Candid or Traditional?

There are times when it pays to be different and staging a wedding is one of those times. Being different means going for your individuality.

For wedding photographers in Melbourne, whatever deviates from the tradition is different and it has a lot of potentials to do magic in your wedding album, even many years after it was put together. Gone are the days when couples are timed to do this pose and that. Nowadays, candid is the best recourse.

Candid photography is still sometimes directed. So it is not completely ‘candid’. For some shots, although they appear as if the couple or their guests are simply doing their thing at the wedding, they usually get directions from the man with the cam. The direction is crucial for getting the right angle, the right shot, and the signifying the right mood or feeling. But this is just for some shots. The rest are randomly shot and may not get any direction from the photographer.

The reason candid wedding photos are considered as the best wedding photos is that they somehow reflect the actual feel of the wedding. The couple does not seem obligated to make a couple of traditional poses that are needed to complete the album. They are allowed to just be themselves, do what they have to do, and just rely on the photographer’s skills to hit the shutter at the right time.

For the most part, couples love mixing different techniques to come up with a truly impressive wedding album. And that’s not bad. In fact, allowing your photographer to be creative shooting randomly while still giving him some traditional poses could benefit you in the process because you are bound to enjoy a wedding album that’s personal as much as it is timeless.

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