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Here are some examples of my work


On 27, Mar 2014 | In | By wendy


Marmot Basin Blogs

This winter (2015) I’ll been doing some blogging for Jasper’s Marmot Basin. You can read them here.

Jasper Chiropractic and Body Care Clinic

I’ll be helping Dr Peter Boyne do some blogging to help him stay connected to current clients and engage new ones. I’m the writer, he’s the editor. Together we’ll be publishing some interesting health care info. You can read it here.

Jawdrop Marketing

At the beginning of September of 2013, I started on a blogging journey with Jawdrop Marketing. To help improve the search engine rankings of nine clients, I was tasked with figuring out a sustainable way to get 18 blogs written, edited, formatted and SEO optimized each week.

I ended up creating a team that included another content manager, an SEO expert and a gang of on-line writers. Forming the writing team took a lots of effort, but we’re now (Feb 14) at the point where the blogs are rolling out at an affordable rate.

My Blog

What have I been writing about? Take a look at my blog to find out.